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Meet our doctor...


Dr Vic Bahal a triple board certified Cardiologist trained in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Anti-aging, Functional, Regenerative and Integrative Medicine has helped the lives of many people across the world.  As a physician he has a very busy Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Integrative Medicine practice since 2004. Dr. Bahal holds memberships in various medical societies and associations and is affiliated with several national honorary Chapters. He is autobiographed in several books and has received numerous awards by Who’s Who in Medicine. He also was a recipient of the Outstanding Achiever of the 21st Century Award as presented by Cambridge University, England. He has received Top Doc Awards in South Jersey consecutively year after year starting from 2006.


His supplements have been  carefully selected based upon the purity of their ingredients and have been compounded with GMP (Good Medical Practice) in the USA. They have been used by thousands of patients with improvement in symptoms and enhancement in their lifestyle and overall well being for over a decade. In many cases, our supplements have been successful in individuals coming off of their diabetic and blood pressure medications when in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle; in effect treating their blood sugars and blood pressure naturally. Individuals who suffer from obesity and have failed other weight loss programs often are successful with our combination of weight loss and detox agents. Whether your goal is heart disease prevention, reversal of heart disease, weight loss, improvement in energy, anti-aging, etc...we have a full line of supplements readily available which work!

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