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L-Carnitine - Brain, Heart and Energy Health Supplement


Carnitine is a Energy Booster which Supports Heart Health


Carnitine Most often called L-Carnitine is a Brain Cardiovascular and Energy supporting health supplement.


L-Carnitine also offers:


  • Improved Energy and Endurance
  • Weight Loss Enhancement
  • Combats damage to Muscles/Muscle Growth
  • Boost for Fat Burning
  • Enhances Brain Activity/Memory Suport
  • Balances Blood Sugar Levels


A Mayo Clinic study indicated patients with heart attacks, had less angina or chest pain, and less abnormal rapid heart rhythms using L-Carnitine. 


L-Carnitine supports energy in the cells, inside the mitochondria and is sometimes paired with Coenzyme Q10. L-Carnitine helps with exercise-related factors such as muscle soreness and recovery. L-Carnitine has shown to give older people an increased amount of physical and mental energy. 

L-Carnitine used before high intensity exercise, often helped with muscle recovery and soreness following exercise.

Carnitine 500mg

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