Colon Detox 15 Day Formula


Colon Detox Supplement 15 Day Formula will start working within 12 to 24 hours. It helps remove excess waste from the intestinal tract, reduces bloating, helps to improve energy and will support weight loss. Colon Detox Supplement 15 Day Formula has useful natural laxatives, fiber, herbs that will provide a soothing effect for the intestinal lining and L-Acidophilus assist the creation of healthy bacteria levels in the intestinal tract.


Cascara Sagrada and Psyllium Husk


Cascara Sagrada used to promote more frequent and more normal bowel movement, Colon Detox works by stimulating and increasing the speed of the large intestine's wavelike contractions. This helps bowels to pass through more frequently which results in a softer and quicker bowel movement.  Cascara Sagrada stimulates the wavelike contractions which tones the lower bowel helping to prevent future constipation.  Cascara Sagrada actually tones and strengthens the bowels while it helps to restore normal function.  Cascara Sagrada is not a habit forming and it is not necessary to increase dosages constipation with each use.  

Psyllium Husk expands from it original size when mixed with water.  It moves through your colon, bulking up and softening your stool.  Psyllium husk quickly transforms from powder form into a gooey substance called mucilage.  Psyllium husk travels through the colon, bulking up and softening your stool.  The thick, toxic fecal matter that lines your colon is lossened and pulled out along as is the Psyllium.  Psyllium husk helps old fecal matter to be expelled, some of which may have been in the colon for weeks or even months!


In addition, to emptying your colon of whatever toxic waste may be lying inside this product is a great and healthy way to promote regular bowel movements without the cramps that laxatives may cause.  Although the first few doses can cause some bloating (as Pysllium husk expands inside you), after a while you should start to feel lighter, thinner and more healthy.

Colon Detox